Support & Resistance — They Should be an area, not just a line.

When To Enter The Market? Refer To The Main Support & Resistance.

Enter the muddled market and lose money for no reason? Stop being the puppet of the market!

Kinna Kin
7 min readApr 18, 2021


Image Credit: Shane Devlin

Instead of operating trades, we are sometimes manipulated by the trade itself…

We will be confused about how should we position ourselves in the market.

There are two things we need to prevent

  • Entering the market without any comprehensive plan
  • Chasing after the market when the price surges up

But of course, sometimes, no position is also a good position.

The misunderstanding of most people have about the support and resistance

“Support and resistance levels are complicated.”“Support and pressure are only used by technical analysis experts.”“Enter the market immediately when the price returns to the support or resistance level?”“The more support and resistance I found, the more trading opportunity”

A “NO!” should be replied to all of the above.


We can imagine the support as a floor.

Self-shot: tradingview

When the price drops to a certain level, the opposite force struggles in the opposite direction. It decreases the momentum of the price to move downwards and redirect it to move in the opposite direction.


We can imagine the resistance as a ceiling.

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