the 21st of August 2022 — Sunyay!

Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 9

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Kinna Kin
3 min readAug 21, 2022


Dollar $

$DXY is retrying to break July’s ATH !

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EMAs are flattening…
Support is hitting…
Downtread is breaking… ?

Would there be a rebound soon ? Or reversal , what do you think?

For a reversal to happen, there are 3 steps to be achieved in order:

  1. Price switches over from below the EMA line to above the EMA line.
  2. EMA line is following the footstep of the price, going upwards.
  3. An upward Golden Cross between the short-term EMA line and mid-term EMA line.

See this article for a deeper insight.

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Crypto Quick Bites:

Greed & Fear Index: From Neutral-Fear to So Fear. In a week!



Weekly Scale:
Bearish Engulfing
Price runs below EMAs.

Wild Guess: No strong Rebounce in near future.

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ETHUSDT Daily Scale.
We have it reviewed on 14 Aug 2022 HERE. Warning for ETHBTC > 0.081

Wild Guess: We will look for a deeper … eehhmm!

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