the 9th of Aug, 2022 — Tuesday

Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 5

Make sure you are not misled. Financial advice is not how I make my bread.

Kinna Kin
3 min readAug 9, 2022
  • $XAUUSD (+0.48%)
  • $NASDAQ (-0.89%)
  • $DOW (+0.70%)
  • $USOIL (+1.25%)
  • $UKOIL (+1.31%)

Crypto Quick Bites:

Greed & Fear Index: LESS…. Fear


ETHUSDT Daily Scale. Upward Momentum Halved in Each Swing

Self-Capture: TradingView

ETHUSDT has achieved 6-week consecutive greens!

We see price increses. But decreases volume weekly.

Self-Captured: TradingView

Compared to BTCUSDT 2-week consecutive greens

Same decreases in volume weekly. Not officially drop below the last bull’s peak in 2018.

Self-Captured: TradingView

News Section:

  • to support ETH POW Hard Fork and List ETHS and “Candy” Token ETHW.
  • Chandler Guo is said to be given easy facilities in listing ETHS in due to its shareholder identity.
  • People warn to sell off upon the airdrop.
  • Reference here.

News Corporation

  • $NWS jumped more than 10% on market open.

On Binance Spot

  • Coins have dropped more than 90% since Nov 2021 Until Today:



Kinna Kin

Swing From the Highs To Lows and so forth.