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Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 3

You need to know what this article is, and is not. Financial advice is not part of the plot.

Kinna Kin
3 min readAug 5, 2022

Gold Rallies Recent Days While Slows In The Others

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Tips: crypto PAXG/USDT is almost equivalent to XAU/USD.

Overall, The dollar’s still on the run.

$DXY has been in ATH since Mar 2003.

What’s the correlation between “US Recession” vs $DXY in your opinion?

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“That’s easy to change a definition.”

While having it known two consecutive contractions upon GDP quarterly growth, the relevant committee looks into different factors including growth in national income, job growth, and a raft of other economic indicators to define it — Recession.

Volatility S&P 500 Index

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“Would the Fed turns dovish if the CPI is not peakkkkk… yet?”

While: Interest hike with Bull.

Then: Interest cut with Bear?


“Not Closed Yet — On The Monthly Scale”

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Crypto Quick Bites:

Greed & Fear Index: Fear





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