the 13th of Sept 2022 — Tuesday

Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 13

Traders see inflation falling for the rest of 2022. Is Inflation peaked?

Kinna Kin
4 min readSep 13, 2022



Hooray. Indeed a great rebounce!
Or a reversal?

Left: On 6th Sept VS Right: On 13th Sept

The Dollar $

Has been moving gradually. Not too fast, not too slow. Too well-behaved…
Isn’t it’s losing momentum? Well who know?


About to Dropped Out!!
Chill. It’s good for CPI anyway.

Left: On 1st Sept VS Right: On 13th Sept

The CPI Today

Previous CPI: 8.5% | Coming Forecast: 8.1%

Am I the only one thinking that the CPI effect had been PRICED IN and reflected by the market already ❓

According to expected data, CPI growth is expected to moderate as the cost of gasoline slumps. However, the Core CPI, which excludes food and gasoline, is expected to rise 6%, up from 5.9% in July.
The report is seen as a key guide for the Fed's rate decision next week. For the Fed, the report is widely expected to confirm its need to continue fighting inflation, raising interest rates by 0.75 percentage points next week, the third in a row. If inflation data is weaker than expected, some economists said the Fed could raise rates by just 0.5%.
  • There had been quite some fluctuation within the hour that the CPI was announced each time. Just stay firm!
  • IMO: It would be within the forecast value.
  • Given: USOIL is considered low in the past few weeks.

Coming Next In September:

  • Today : The US is to announce August’s CPI.
  • 22nd Sept: The Fed to discuss the next interest hiking rate.

Crypto Quick Bites:

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