the 1st of Sept 2022 — Thursday

Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 11

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Kinna Kin
6 min readSep 1, 2022



Self-Captured: From TradingView

Dollar — Gold

$DXY going $110, Gold dropping to $1,700
$USOIL & $UKOIL retraces.

Self-Captured: From TradingView
Self-Captured: From TradingView


  • Things coincidentally move closer to a “temporal floor” but shall not be happening too soon for a rebound.
  • Bear with the flow & go with the flow.
  • Monitor $Dollar to see if it’s spiking within a week or two — Do Sell.
  • Remember to make your own risk management.

Coming Next In September:

  • 2nd Sept: The Fed is to announce August’s Non-farm Payroll.
  • 13th Sept: The US is to announce August’s CPI.
  • 22nd Sept: The Fed to discuss the next interest hiking rate.

Crypto Quick Bites:

Greed & Fear Index: Extreme Fear 😨



  • Still keeping lows weekly
  • What is the next peak in the future you can estimate for BTC.D?
  • 70%? Most like not. 5x% Maybe.. 🤔
Self-Captured: From TradingView


Closing back to the line!
What’s Next? Consolidate or break the floor soon ?