the 3rd of Aug, 2022 — Wednesday

Intrude Into The Market Place: Day 1

I’m not a financial advisor. Don’t make me say it twice!

Kinna Kin
2 min readAug 4, 2022

Open Green:

  • $DOW (0.23%)
  • $NASDAQ (1.48%)

Open Red:

  • $XAUUSD (-0.22%)
  • $USOIL (-1.50%)
  • $UKOIL (-1.20%)

The dollar is still on the rising track:

Self-Captured: From TradingView

Crypto Quick Bites:

Greed & Fear Index: Fear


Bitstamp: BTC/USD

“Would It Be Still Valid This Time?”

Binance: ETH/USDT

“ETH has flipped since the last bottom!”

Self-Captured: From TradingView

Exchange: ETH/BTC

“Stronger ETH growth over BTC in the past weeks and now seems even in both! ”

Self-Captured: From TradingView

News Section:


  • Thousands of Solana’s Wallet Hacked!
  • Four Solana wallets have drained for an estimation of up to $8 million from the affected wallets!
  • Reference here.


  • Malware attacks spread over 35,000 Github Repos!
  • Affected Repos including source in Crypto, Golang, Python, js, bash, Docker, and K8s.



Kinna Kin

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